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Hanson – The Outlook for 2015

January 2015 In assessing the market outlook for 2015 there are several factors to consider. However, the big issue at the moment, in January, is the oil price. The sharp decline in the oil price over the past few months is bad news for oil producers and anybody supplying them. However, it is good news…

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Asset Allocation Debrief – January 2015

Oil and Greece on Centre Stage No changes to asset allocation were made following the Committee’s first meeting of the year. The defining features for the beginning of 2015 are the continued falls in the oil price and political tension gripping the Eurozone, in anticipation of the Greek election. Market dips in October, December and…

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Hanson – Market Commentary December 2014

This market commentary has been produced by the Investment Management team at Hanson Asset Management.  The first two weeks of December were, for those folk expecting a “Santa Rally,” something of a disappointment as markets slid back down to October lows before finally staging a rally at the very end of the year. Macro events…

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