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Are you a new start-up needing to meet your legal requirements, or an established company looking to ensure that your employee benefits package is competitive and that the financial wellbeing of your employees is taken care of? Whichever situation you are in we can meet your business planning needs.

Good planning, finances and employee retention

Too many companies leave this aspect of their business to chance and put their business at risk. If you engage us, it is a collaborative effort as we need to get to know you, your business, your situation and goals before we can tailor a solution for you.

Once only considered by large companies, you can now access a comprehensive range of employee benefits for your employees. Whether you are looking for a flexible benefits package or just some basic and cost-effective options, we can tailor a solution to your needs.

Of course, it is not just about employee benefits which can be key to your business stability by enhancing morale and increasing employee retention, but we also review and discuss many other aspects of your business such as corporate tax planning, business financing, key person insurance and more.

Expertise is needed to plan around these complex issues. We have specialist knowledge required to help guide you through the process. Start the ball rolling by arranging a full business financial planning review with us.

"Mike has been advising me on financial matters for over 15 years through many changes in the financial industry. I have found him to be honest and very knowledgeable in an area that I find confusing at the best of times. I would happily recommend Mike's services in this area to colleagues who need advice with their financial affairs."

"I've just had my first meeting with my new IFA, Helen Fraser. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with her, both as a Financial Adviser and as a person! She fits right into the Orchard ethos - approachable and empathetic as well as financially skilled - and I can see why she's working with you - well done for finding her. Keep her, I like her! :)"

"Excellent investment advice for my client, very easy to do business with."

"I'm a financial numpty, so it's fantastic to know that Mike is there to make sense of it all for us. I trust him implicitly to guide us in our financial decision-making."

"Your (Steve Hedges) knowledge of the financial market is exemplary and savings that you helped us make way offset the charges incurred. We both felt at ease and were confident that your advice would be beneficial to us."

"I'd really like to recommend Stuart Logan of Orchard House IFAs, who has
just come to give us some financial advice. This is the third time we have used Stuart. As usual, he has offered some really interesting and useful advice, and we have been really impressed every time we have used him."

“Damian was incredibly helpful in re-phrasing in simple terms to allow me to better understand the questions being asked. He was absolutely incredible and made, what I expected to be a difficult process, incredibly easy. I have great trust and faith in Damian. Thank you” ~ Kelly Hobbs

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