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Pensions & retirement planning

With a wide range of pensions now available, we will help you identify the retirement income you need, understand how to use drawdowns tax-efficiently, how best to use your tax-free cash entitlement, and what happens to your retirement fund as your legacy.

A pension is a long-term investment. The fund value may fluctuate and can go down which would have an impact on the level of pension benefits available.

Pensions are an important financial asset

Plan early and make the most of your retirement.

It’s never too early to start a pension. Planning for your retirement is something that many people put off for years because it seems such a long way off, but the sooner you can start saving, the easier your retirement will be.

As life expectancy increases, you may just find that your pension has to fund anything up to forty years without employment income.

It’s essential you make provisions now to ensure you are looked after properly in your retirement.

There are a number of options when planning for retirement, so it pays to talk to a professional adviser to ensure you set off on the right path. We can clearly explain the options available and recommend the most suitable pension products to meet your needs and achieve your long-term goals.

Make sure your pension is working hard for you

When was the last time you checked how your pension is performing? If you don’t carry out regular reviews on the performance of your pension you could be losing out. You might even discover that your pension scheme is no longer able to provide you with the comfortable retirement you were looking forward to.

If you are currently contributing to a personal pension scheme or have previously contributed to either a personal pension or even a money purchase scheme offered by a previous employer, a pension review can be extremely worthwhile. One factor to look at when reviewing pensions are the charges involved. Charges on some “older style” plans are much higher than their modern equivalent, so having a pension review will reveal what effect these charges are having on your pension value.

Many people pay into pensions for years but have no idea how hard their money is working for them. Some clients aren’t even sure what type of products they have and the element of risk associated with them. We provide an impartial assessment of your pension products and advise you in jargon-free terms – exactly where you stand and how your pension is performing.

If we find your plan is meeting your current requirements and performing well, it may well be a case of staying as you are. However, if we feel you may benefit financially by transferring your pension to another provider, we’ll recommend a more suitable product, explain clearly the benefits and options, and help you make an informed decision.

"I've just had my first meeting with my new IFA, Helen Fraser. Just wanted to let you know how impressed I am with her, both as a Financial Adviser and as a person! She fits right into the Orchard ethos - approachable and empathetic as well as financially skilled - and I can see why she's working with you - well done for finding her. Keep her, I like her! :)"

"Excellent investment advice for my client, very easy to do business with."

"Your (Steve Hedges) knowledge of the financial market is exemplary and savings that you helped us make way offset the charges incurred. We both felt at ease and were confident that your advice would be beneficial to us."

"I'd really like to recommend Stuart Logan of Orchard House IFAs, who has
just come to give us some financial advice. This is the third time we have used Stuart. As usual, he has offered some really interesting and useful advice, and we have been really impressed every time we have used him."

“Damian was incredibly helpful in re-phrasing in simple terms to allow me to better understand the questions being asked. He was absolutely incredible and made, what I expected to be a difficult process, incredibly easy. I have great trust and faith in Damian. Thank you” ~ Kelly Hobbs

"Helen is wonderful and she does her best with someone who really struggles with figures and financial concepts" ~ Elisabeth Skinner on 07/03/2019

"I find Stuart to be curious, helpful and massively professional, thank you!" ~ Nikki Watkins on 19/06/2019

"I like the personal touch, it wasn't just about my finances. A connection really helps in having trust and confidence in what you are being told. Elaine gave me that" ~ Chris Hancox on 24/09/2018

"Tricia and I would like to thank you for all the advice and help that you have given us over the past couple of years. Your knowledge of the financial market is exemplary and the savings that you helped us make way offset the charges incurred. We both felt at ease and were confident that your advice would be beneficial to us. On another note, the investments made for a close friend helped to make her final few years comfortable in the knowledge that her financial affairs were in such good hands and  that her capital will still intact on her passing. I have and will continue to recommend you at every opportunity" ~ James and Tricia Rice on 15/11/2017

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